Romana’s Pilates Symposium September 2018


The Romana's Pilates Symposium 2018 took place in Tyrš House in the very heart of Prague. Named after the Sokol founder Miroslav Tyrš, the building was once a palace ruin which underwent significant reconstructions in the twenties after it was bought over by the Sokol organisation. Tyrš House also known as the Sokol Gym, was home to the Sokol sports and gymnastics movement until the late forties when it became the Institute of Physical Education. Tyrš House reverted to the Sokols after their revival in the early nineties. Today, Tyrš House provides a modernised training program which includes a wide range of sporting activities for people of all ages and abilities. It remains a physical and educational training ground for many athletes from around the world founded on the principles of strong mind sound body connection, thus making it a perfect venue for the Symposium.

Organised by True Pilates Prague in collaboration with Romana's Pilates, the Romana's Pilates Symposium 2018 was a special event exclusive for teachers and apprentices of Romana's Pilates. A four-day event packed with activities, all participants were able to attend presentations, group workouts, workshops and private lessons. This was not just another "PILATES" workshop or event, but one that draws devotees from across the globe to learn from the finest Pilates teacher trainers around. Trained, guided and mentored by the very best Master Instructors Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo, these master level teacher trainers teach the work the way Joseph and Clara Pilates intended it. The real thing. The energy permeating the hall was infectious, inspiring the participants in what was indeed an eventful week for everyone.